Coloured Pencil Romanian Cob Portrait


Coloured Pencil Horse Portrait of Maisy, by Angie.
Coloured Pencil Horse Portrait
BreedRomanian Cob
MediumColoured pencil and Pitt pen on paper

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This coloured pencil horse portrait features Maisy – a twelve year old Romanian cob. Dark bay in colour, she is a very strong lady who has hunted and cross-countried.  She came across from Romania when she was four years old and, from her build, is thought to have been a cart puller. She is 15 hands high with very strong shoulders. She has quite a comical personality and rules the roost at her stables.

Received safely. It really is a brilliant picture. Going to show all my mates at the stables and will leave your business cards there as well. Thank you very, very much. One happy customer.


Original horse portraits, hand drawn in England. For you from pet portrait artist Angie, with love x