Portuguese Water Dog Portrait


Pepper - Portuguese Water Dog Portrait by pet & wildlife artist Angie
Pepper - Portuguese Water Dog Portrait
BreedPortuguese Water dog
MediumFaber Castell Polychromos & Caran d’Ache Luminance coloured pencil on Strathmore Bristol Board

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7 Year-old Pepper is a Portuguese Water Dog (who hates water!). She has a totally laid back attitude and is quite happy to sleep all day long. Pepper is an incredibly stoic dog and very little phases her – she has been a therapy dog since she was a year old and often visits nursing homes where she can spent an hour just letting people stroke her. 
Portuguese Water Dogs have the highest octave range of all dogs, and Pepper uses it to its full range – her very deep warning bark would scare most people and then at the top she has the most annoying high pitch whine when she isn’t getting her own way (which is usually asking for food/complaining she is hungry again).
Very occasionally she decides she wants to run and when she puts on a speed burst she is very fast.  She is a scavenger by nature and will quite happily eat baby rabbits if/when she can be bothered to catch them – she still expects her breakfast though!
Clearly Pepper is quite a character, and trying to capture all that personality in a coloured pencil portrait is a satisfying and rewarding challenge – especially given her dark black fur. Hopefully you can see some of that fun and sparkle in those eyes though.

Original coloured pencil portraits, hand drawn in England. For you from pet portrait artist Angie, with love x