Helping pet owners cope with their loss

Memorial Pet Portraits

A surprisingly large proportion of pet portraits that I draw are tributes to cats, dogs, or horses who have passed away. Losing a pet is a traumatic and emotional episode in a person’s life – they are integral family members after all, and they can leave a great void in your life and daily routines when they’re no longer around.

The grieving process is complex and, early on especially, it can be painful to have a constant reminder of that loss. However, over time, it becomes more important to keep those precious memories alive, and a pet portrait can bring that loved one back into the home and into the family’s daily life.
It can be emotional to see your pet immortalised on paper, particularly as I aim to make every portrait as realistic and lifelike as possible – giving you a wealth of detail for you to discover and appreciate each time you look at it. A hand-drawn picture has more soul than a photograph as you know that every strand of fur and every glint in the eye is a pencil stroke applied by hand with care. The format also offers an opportunity to leave out distracting backgrounds to focus on the animal’s character and spirit, and it allows you to include personal elements like a name tag or favourite toy. 
If you have lost a beloved pet, and you feel that the time is right, do drop me a line and see what I can do for you.
Chinook - Border Collie Pastel Portrait
Words cannot express how delighted we are with the portrait of our 12.5 year old GSD Sasha, who sadly passed away earlier this year after such a short illness.
She was the most loyal and friendly fur baby I could of asked for and i so proud to be part of her life.
This drawing has now brought her back as it’s so lifelike, and will now take pride of place in our home.
Thank you so so much Angie we are humbled by your fantastic work
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A very talented lady who has bought our Cookie back to life. Although Angie had never met Cookie it is like she knew him & you can see this in the ‘life’ she had put into his eyes. I have never met Angie but now feel I know her, as well as she knows Cookie.
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