Border Collie Portrait in Pastel


Chinook - Border Collie Pastel Portrait
Chinook - Border Collie Pastel Portrait
BreedBorder Collie
MediumStabilo CarbOthello, Faber-Castell Pitt Pastel, and Caran D’Ache pastel pencils and Pan Pastels on white PastelMat
SizeA2 - 60x42cm

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Like all Border Collies, Chinook was intelligent, curious, and full of energy. He lived to almost 15 years of age, having been in the family since he was just three months old. Indoors, he was calm and well behaved; and outdoors he loved to run, play hide & seek, and was always up for a game – he carried his ball everywhere.

This tribute to Chinook was the first pet portrait that I have attempted in pastel. It’s a substantial A2 in size, and  I’m delighted with the way it turned out. Pastel enables me to work with white and lighter colours more easily, as they can be applied on top of dark colours, unlike coloured pencil. He was a joy and an honour to draw, and I hope it helps his owners treasure his memory every day.

He was my first dog and a very special one. I’m so happy that I‘ll have a wonderful drawing to always remind me of him – Thank you!


Original coloured pencil portraits, hand drawn in England. For you from pet portrait artist Angie, with love x